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We Care About

The unique design that stands out represents a continuous research for shapes and colors with the aim of creating a strong visual impact. Our strength is the quality of the print, we use classic methods and thanks to our long experience in the sector we are able to obtain perfect results. All pieces are original and manufactured with great attention to detail.
We carefully choose our collaborations at all stages, from production to sale. All our products are made in Serbia by experienced manufacturers with whom we have built a relationship of trust for years. We rely on local shops that are particularly focusing on quality and support of small independent productions.
We have decided to produce small quantities to avoid over-production and work hard on quality, which we believe is the key to long-lasting garments. We are dedicated to the study and research of innovative and ecological fabrics. All our garments are mostly made of organic cotton, which means they are not chemically treated.
Music and culture have a great influence on our work. We use a similar creative process which gives a lot of space to experimentation. Our project is ethical and socially oriented and deviates from the classic fashion and marketing schemes by favoring collaborations with creative and social realities of the territory.



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